Five Incredibly Productive Minutes

          Each night, around 9pm, I set a timer for five minutes. I then spend that five minutes vigorously cleaning up my home. To my surprise, spending these five short minutes straightening up has become five of the most productive minutes of my day. Further, I found I can clean a lot in five minutes, thanks to using a timer.

Clean as much of your entire

domicile as possible in five minutes.

A few benefits…

I go to sleep feeling more relaxed.

Just knowing that my home is in order reduces anxiety before bed, allowing me to peacefully enter slumber land for another seven hours. Some attribute greater productivity to simplifying. By cleaning up before bed, I have simplified my material existence for one more day. But not only do I feel more relaxed before going to bed, I also…

Feel more organised in the morning.

I think most would agree that a clean house is preferable to a messy house. Why is that? Because when we are home, we want to feel relaxed and calm. With papers lying about, clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, and random items scattered about, it creates a sense of anxiety and dis-ease. Waking up to a home in disarray creates instant anxiety and sets up more anxiety for the remainder of the day. Waking up fresh each morning with clean living quarters leaves us relaxed, organised, and ready to take on the day.

A few tips…

A timer is key.

If you want to make the most out of your daily Five-Minute Clean Up, using a timer is key. A timed task helps focus efforts and aid in the decision making process. If you only have five minutes, and the clock is ticking, you will work quickly to clean as much up as possible in that short 300 second time span. And because you only have five minutes….

Don’t get fixated on big tasks.

Because you only have five minutes to straighten up, don’t get bogged down in any single major cleaning tasks. For example, if you still have dishes that need washing, only spend a minute or so getting the dishes organised for further cleaning later. Because the dishes are confined to a small section of my apartment (the kitchen sink), its more productive for me to clean up the living room and a few elements of my kitchen.

Happy Working,


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