12 Very Productive Months

In the beginning of 2017 I launched this fine blog site – How2BProductive.com. At the outset, I had several goals and ambitions for the site. However, one wildly important goal would trump all others – to post regularly and consistently on productivity tips, techniques, and strategies. My goal was to post at least once per month, but ideally more. As 2017 draws to a close, I can proudly look to the right column of this site and see postings for every month of 2017. In fact, I completed a total of 41 blog posts over the past twelve months, or an average of 3.4 per month. In addition to posting regularly, I have learned many lessons with regards to productivity. Let’s take a look…

Developing a writing habit.

For years, I adopted a fixed mindset when it came to writing. I believed that some people were born with the ability to write and I was not one of them. Sure, I could analyse data, write computer code, and solve complex math problems, but when it came to communicating via text (i.e. writing), I felt clueless.

Then I started learning about deliberate practice, habit formation, and growth mindset. I then realised that yes, I too could continually improve my ability to write by developing a regular writing habit. More so than anything else, I had to become comfortable sitting in front a computer (or blank sheet of paper) and transferring ideas in my head to text on a screen. That was it. Everything else on my blog site – grammar, content, viewership, etc. – would come second.

A few statistics

So how have I tracked over the past few months? Since January 2017, I have achieved the following

  • 41 Total Posts

  • 34,895 Words

  • 734 Site Visits


Productivity is efficiency – doing more in less time with less effort and stress. How2BProductive enabled me to be more efficient at productivity itself. Here’s how:

1. I learned how to be more productive simply by writing about productivity. I am a firm believer that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Every productivity tip, technique, or strategy I posted about became further ingrained within me, specifically because I wrote about it.

2. I developed a writing habit. My core goal was to develop a writing habit. Having H2BP gave me the outlet and focal point to write regularly.

3. I mastered time management. Finally, in order to have regular postings in combination with other life demands, I had to master personal time management and scheduling. In addition to this site, I also do the following throughout any given week:

  1. enjoy time with my beautiful and amazing girlfriend (I really hope she reads this post);

  2. work a full time job as a data scientist;

  3. improve my relationship with God;

  4. teach myself advanced computational statistics;

  5. train for long distance endurance running;

  6. read three books per month;

  7. spend time with friends;

  8. save Princesses Zelda and Toadstool….again.

Without good productivity habits, I would not have been able to complete all of the above and still meet my goal of one post per month on H2BP.

Continue my writing habit, improve editing habit

Now that I have developed a writing habit and time management, where do I go next? Obviously I would like to continue my regular writing habit. However, if I don’t focus on areas of weakness, I will never really improve. So onward and upward I say! My editing and grammar skills have much room for improvement. I intend to improve my editing and grammar skills going forward. I am borrowing an excellent little text – Writing Tools – by Roy Peter Clark. The book contain 50 great lessons on better writing.

Its been a great year for How2BProductive.com. I’ve conquered my fear of writing, taught myself and others about productivity, and have developed a regular and consistent writing habit. Thanks for reading my posts in 2017 – I truly hope you have found my posts helpful and a boon to your personal productivity. Stay tuned for even more productive strategies in 2018. Until then…

Happy Working,


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