Lose an Appendix, Gain Some Insight

A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, I began to have incredibly painful stomach cramps.  Like most would do, I shrugged it off and figured it would eventually go away.  Nine hours later it didn’t.  I decided to drag myself to ER, and for good reason, as the pain was ultimately my appendix screaming to come out.

Surgery was required, which meant I had to hang out in the hospital for a few days.  The few days that I spent in the hospital were worth it, as I gained some valuable insights on the notion of rest, downtime, and productivity.  The key take away I received is that sometimes, we simply need to listen to our body and rest.  While I spent a few hours here and there working on my programming assisgnment – nothing beats the rush of solving complex computer science algorithms while high under the effects of pain killers – a majority of the time I was laid out, sleeping, and recovering from surgery.

Ten days later I am back into my regular routine, which I am very grateful for.  But still, I can look back and see that there was a much needed rest I was able to take advantage of.  As my semester enters the second, clearly more intense half, I can enter into it with a renewed sense of energy, focus, and purpose.  I want to give a special shout-out to my (former?) appendix.  Thanks little buddy for helping me rest when I needed it most.


Happy Working,


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