Reflections on a Busy Schedule

At the outset of this blog site, my main goal was to maintain a steady flow of interesting blog topics on productivity and effective working.  I am now deep in the trenches of a semester in graduate computer science course. The work load is heavy to say the least, bordering on the line of insane.  To be fair and honest, it is a graduate course in computer programming, so its not exactly Basketweaving 101 (no offense to my friends in the basketweaving community).  Even though my schedule is quite busy right now, I still maintain my goal of regular publications on H2BP.

It is for this exact reason that I have to continue my focus on a productive lifestyle.  Even more importantly, I have to continually reinforce the habits of a productive person by bringing my focus to how I work.  It is very easy to slip into mental habits that shifts the focus not on how I work but to exam scores, class rankings, and possible future outcomes.  Today’s blog post is a specific application of focusing on how I work.  The important thing for me today is to get a few hundred words on a screen and then onto the internet.

I have made a few commitments to myself, and through blogging about them here, I am now committing to you dear reader.

  1.  Regardless of scores on assignments, quizzes, and exams, I will continue to focus on a minimum of 3 hours of study time a day, for each day in the semester.
  2. I will post here at least once a week while school is in session.

Part of a productive lifestyle is flexibility.  The reality of busy schedules (and of life), regardless of planning, is that unexpected events happen.  Plans don’t always turn out as we would expect them to.  Unproductive people aren’t flexible in their planning – its either all or nothing.  But the productive person can quickly adapt and shift gears, from day to day. He or she can apply the best resources to solve the problems of that day while simultaneously continuing to move towards his or her goals.

Yes, my schedule is much busier now than it was two months ago.  Weekly programming assignments demand much of my time and attention, making time for other activities such as blog writing or working out less and less.   But through proper planning, time budgeting, and microscheduling, and consistent focus over time, I will prevail.

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