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Welcome to! This is a blog site all about – you guessed it – how to be productive. As this is my first official posting, I’d like to share with you why I decided to start up this site. While I have other goals and aspirations, I feel the following three are most critical for H2BP: to share the art of productivity with others; to strengthen my writing habit and ability; and to have fun running my own blog site. First though, allow me to share with you how this humble little page carved itself into cyberspace.

Over the course of 2016 I decided to make a change. While I have generally been a productive person, it became clear that I could go so much further in life, in terms of my own personal output and achievements. Over the past few months I have read nearly thirty books on personal productivity, learning a great deal from each of them. I began to amass a wealth of knowledge on working better, smarter, faster. So I asked myself “How can I truly embrace these ideas?” I answered this question by reflecting on a lesson from my undergraduate days – some of the most productive years of my life. I excelled in my mathematics and economics courses, often achieving top marks. Being a poor university study, I supported my Ramen noodle and cheese sandwich diet by tutoring student athletes and other students. A valuable lesson I learned is that if you really want to learn something, teach it to someone else. If I truly wanted to embrace a productive lifestyle, then I must share the art of elite productivity with others. Thus, was born. I have three core motivations behind this site.

Motivation 1 – Share the art of productivity with others

As I have stated above, I have learned that in order to really learn, understand, and know something, I must share it with someone else. There are many, many techniques, tricks, and “hacks” to productivity that can help one be more productive. My goal is to share different techniques with you, in the hopes that you will benefit from them, become more productive, and ultimately live a more fulfilling existence in three-space. Some of these techniques are standard fare in the productivity community, while others are productivity techniques I have thought about or developed myself.

I plan to blog about much more than productivity techniques though. I have many things in store, so be sure to check back regularly. Other topical items I plan on discussing are book reviews, general insights into productivity, personal challenges in productivity, and anything else I feel like writing about.

Motivation 2 – Improve both my writing ability and habit

In addition to sharing productivity techniques with others, I also aim to strengthen both my writing ability and my writing habit. After reading a few books on writing (On Writing by Stephen King and The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield are two favorites), I have come to the conclusion that writing is hard. For years I accepted the false positive (something believed to be true but in reality is not) that I was born incapable of writing and always would be. After accepting that anyone can do anything, that it is just a matter of practice and habit, the idea of being a writer opened up in my world. First, I decided that I would like to write more. Second, to achieve the goal of writing more, all I have to do is get into the habit of writing. If I believe habits are choice (I do), then I can choose or choose not to be in the habit of writing.

By having this blog site, and staying committed to two articles per week, I will be forced into the habit of writing, and thereby steadily improve my writing quantity. Eventually – admittedly not today – I would like to progress my writing quality. Coming from a quantitative background, my grammar and style could use improvement. My hope is that as I write more, I will slowly learn the ins and outs of grammar, sentence structure, and other aspects of good writing quality. I do intend to formally study writing quality. I fully accept that alone, time spent writing does not equate to improvement in writing quality. I need to formally learn, try, and receive feedback to make any progress in writing quality improvement.

Motivation 3 – Run my own blog site!

Finally, it will be just plain out fun to run a blog site. H2BP will provide both a creative and fun outlet, in the midst of a demanding and hectic – though very fulfilling – life schedule. Further, I seek to gain experience in being an active supplier on the world wide web, rather than just a consumer. I am excited to learn about web design, on-line blogging, and having voice in the world.

There you have it folks. That’s why I am here and why you will be hearing from me regularly. I look forward to many more posts to come and eagerly look forward to your comments. My current goal is post two new postings per week. As the demands of life pull at me, there may be more and there may be less. Please leave comments and feedback. I will be continually working on and updating the site. As this site is just starting out, your patience is greatly appreciated!

Until my next posting, go out and produce something!

: )


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